Surprising is key

Our environment, our products, our web shops, every single element is surprising!

vidaXL makes surprising products at competitive prices available to as many customers as possible.

About us

vidaXL is a rapidly growing international online retailer. Our success is based on our belief that things can always be better and cheaper: ‘Expect more’. Because nobody likes to pay too much for products. We are continually expanding our product range and offer the best products for the best price. We like to go the extra mile for our customers by improving popular products and making them even cheaper.

With our own vidaXL brand, we offer customers the most varied range of products that are hard to find or much more expensive at other suppliers. Under the header ‘Impossible? Think again!’ we strive to keep exceeding our customers’ expectations. And that is a promise they can hold us to.

vidaXL has created an effective online retail network that enables all customers in Europe, Australia and the United Stated to acquire products for in and around the house at competitive prices. In addition, our knowledge, experience and logistic network enable other online retailers to grow along with vidaXL.

Facts and figures

2.000 employees
Warehouses in 5 countries
Warehouse space worldwide 700.000 m²
Collaborating with 1000 factories worldwide
130 Mio. unique visitors yearly
More than 79.000 vidaXL branded products
32 local online shops in Europe, Australia, Asia & USA
Reselling hundreds of A-Brands





Our story

The seed of vidaXL was planted in 2006, when two Dutch entrepreneurs – Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker – started selling products on e-Bay. They made the choice to start developing their own branded products and selling these to consumers over the internet. The assortment quickly grew and they started selling products in several European countries, with the ultimate goal of offering products at much lower prices than their competitors.

We are able to offer our customers the best deals on most popular products by controlling the complete chain from production to shipping, which allows us to keep the costs as low as possible. In that way we influence the design and packaging of products, and with our purchasing power we can offer our customers the best possible deal: a good product for a very competitive price. This allowed us to market a very successful concept over the last few years, and expand it worldwide.

vidaXL Code of Conduct

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vidaXL Sustainability Approach

Our ambition

Good price
Nobody wants to overpay for products. We like to go the extra mile for our customers, for example by improving popular products and making them cheaper. By completely controlling all processes in the production chain, we can offer our products at competitive prices. In this way we make sure that as many products as possible will become available to as many people as possible for a better price.

Good service
vidaXL offers her customers a service that is better than good. Whether it concerns a product, shipment or payment, our customer service agents are always there for you to assist you in your native language. Our customer service agents have all the product information, insight into stock and the status of your order.

Good feeling
vidaXL wants to give customers a good feeling and an extraordinary shopping experience. vidaXL is a true marketplace, in which you can discover all sorts of things. If you are looking for the best deal and a surprising product range, vidaXL has you covered. After all, what can be better than feeling the thrill of having gotten a great deal; a good product, for a very good price?


The vidaXL journey

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