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vidaXL Services

With all our experience, knowledge and resources, we can help your business with every single activity you can imagine. vidaXL helps you to design, develop, promote and sell any product you have in mind. Next to this, we offer you various services related to technology, logistics and customer support. vidaXL Services is the starting point to improve your business. Where are you waiting for? Start exploring our possibilities from today!

  • Commerce technology
  • Multichannel fulfillment
  • Product development

Product development

Do you, as an enterpeneur, have a clear view of which products you’d like to offer, but do not know where to start? vidaXL Services will help you to develop and package a large product range. vidaXL can offer you the best deal on the most popular products, because we control the complete production, which allows us to keep the costs low. vidaXL selects products that are in demand, purchases them at the source, and is able to safeguard the quality of the products thanks to its local presence. We control the design and packaging of the products. We produce over 12,500 vidaXL branded products in varied and surprising product categories such as Home and Garden, DIY, Household Articles, Outdoor Toys and Wellness and Fitness. A large part of our range is based on Knock Down packaging, which means the parcels are suitable for delivery by courier services. The dimensions of parcels have been optimized and all products are packaged in such a way that transport damage is kept to a minimum.

Quality control

When it comes to the quality of our products, we have one fundamental idea. The product must be completely specified to its intended use (Fit for Purpose). vidaXL selects products that are in demand, purchases them at the source, and is able to safeguard the quality of the products thanks to its local presence. We keep control over every link in the chain, which allows us to influence the choice of materials and parts, packaging and distribution, and ensure the quality of our products from a to z.

Content creation

vidaXL Services will help you with the communication about your products, text and images. Using special software, we will create graphical impressions of your product. Furthermore, our team of translators will supply you with product information in no less than 23 languages.



Commerce technology

vidaXL Services will help your company grow along within our vidaXL network and benefit from our experience as an online retailer. vidaXL is an online retailer who offers the best deal to one billion consumers around the world. We offer our customers a large and surprising product range through our online shopping platform. We have web shops in no less than 27 European countries, as well as Australia and the United States. We also offer our products (and yours as well) through several marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and other local marketplaces.

Multichannel advertisement

vidaXL has a strong online presence and representation on local marketplaces, price comparison websites and other online marketing and sales channels. We have a lot of experience in advertising on these networks. That makes us your go-to partner for increasing your sales, traffic and brand awareness.

Order management

Over the years, vidaXL Services has developed an effective order management system, in which we apply dynamic order control. vidaXL Services will support you with:

  • automatically processing multichannel orders
  • ordering goods
  • timely shipment and reception
  • automatically receiving payments
  • generating shipping labels
  • back order management
  • processing returns
  • managing incomplete products
  • finance control

Multichannel fulfillment

Multichannel fulfillment

Through our distribution points our employees service customers worldwide. You can choose to apply operational solutions separately, or in combination with other services. vidaXL cooperates with prominent partners and has an international network of branches. We will support you with the storage and distribution of your products in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Customer service

vidaXL offers customers good service. Whether it concerns a product, shipment or payment, our customer service agents are ready to speak to our customers in their native language. Our customer service agents have all the product information, insight into stock and the status of your order. Should problems occur, they are solved as quickly as possible. We safeguard the quality of your products by listening to customers, and continually measuring customer satisfaction based on the reviews that they can leave for every product.

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