Affordable, own vidaXL-home brand

Next to our web shops an affordable, own home brand. Impossible? Think again!

Giving you the surprising feeling: a good product at a very competitive price.

vidaXL Brand

With our own vidaXL brand we offer our customers the most varied range of products that are hard to find or are much more expensive at other suppliers. We select products based on demand and purchase them at the source. vidaXL influences the design and packaging of products, which allows us to optimise these, and our customers to pay the lowest price possible. Our purchasing power enables us to give our customers the best possible deal; a good product at a very competitive price.


We offer a very varied product range in the fields of Home and Garden, DIY, Household Articles, Outdoor Toys and Wellness and Fitness. If you are looking for the best deal and a surprising assortment, vidaXL has you covered. We make sure as many products as possible are made available to as many people as possible at a better price. Our motto is ‘Impossible? Think again!’ and we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. Because what can be more fun than feeling the thrill of closing a great deal; a good product, for a very good price?


Our success is based on our belief that things can always be better and cheaper: ‘Expect more’. Because nobody likes to pay too much for products after all. With this mentality, we make good on our promise to our customers; we are continually expanding our product range and offer the best products for the best price.

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