vidaXL Brand

We offer our customers a surprising range of vidaXL products, which are hard to find and a lot more expensive elsewhere.

vidaXL Marketplace

Sell your products through vidaXL and reach over 24 million unique visitors through 29 local web shops worldwide.

vidaXL Services

With all our experience, knowledge and resources, we can help your business with every single activity you can imagine.

About us

vidaXL is a rapidly growing international online retailer.  Our success is based on our belief that things can always be better and cheaper: ‘Expect more’. Because nobody likes to pay too much for products. We are continually expanding our product range, and offer the best products for the best price. And we like to go the extra mile for our customers by improving popular products and making them even cheaper. With our own vidaXL brand, we offer customers the most varied range of products that are hard to find, or much more expensive at other suppliers.  Under the header ‘Impossible? Think again!’ we strive to keep exceeding our customers’ expectations. And that is a promise they can hold us to. vidaXL has created an effective online retail network that enables all customers in Europe, Australia and the United Stated to acquire products for in and around the house at competitive prices. In addition, our knowledge, experience and logistic network enable other online retailers to grow along with vidaXL.

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  • vidaXL was established in 2006
  • vidaXL has 1600 employees
  • vidaXL currently sells through 31 dedicated country webshops all over Europe, in Australia and USA
  • vidaXL offers over 79.000 vidaXL own brand products

Working for vidaXL

vidaXL is a fast growing organisation with a lot of young, ambitious employees. The enthusiasm, no-nonsense attitude and entrepreneurial spirit with which we started are still at the core of the company. vidaXL is a flat-structured organisation that offers a lot of room for new ideas, progressive insights, and a place to develop yourself further. We work hard, are flexible, take risks and are not afraid to challenge ourselves and our environment. Together we will create the best ideas and make sure we achieve our goals.

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