World Cleanup Day 2020 – The biggest clean-up action in Limburg

On Saturday, September 19th it was World Clean-up Day – a day filled with initiatives to make our world a little cleaner again. In Limburg, 5000 volunteers joined forces to start the Maas Cleanup 2020, an initiative that vidaXL sponsored in the hopes of contributing to a better future.

Clean rivers, better business

The amounts of trash collected in our oceans, rivers, and lakes are a result of our lack of environmental awareness. Most trash that ends up in the waters is caused by improper recycling and littering. At first, it starts with leaving a little trash here and there but over time these bits of trash accumulate to a larger problem our bodies of water are currently facing. Unfortunately, we as humans are the reason this problem is ongoing and is why we need to be the ones who address this concern.

Currently, vidaXL and companies in Limburg have teamed up to contribute to the Maas Clean-up, physically and financially, in a growing movement to increase environmental awareness. Together we can all make a meaningful difference by educating ourselves and playing our part through organizing cleanup actions on land and water.

vidaXL volunteering on Plastic Whale boats

The Plastic Whale boats normally clean the Grachten in Amsterdam, for the Maas Clean-up they came over to support the cause. As a company, we take pride in our employees who volunteered their time and efforts to go trash fishing in the Maasduinen at the Leukermeer. It was a fun afternoon filled with positivity and awareness. The biggest catch encountered for our team was a plastic beachball and a fuel canister.

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Placed on: 22 September 2020